Thank you Mr Campignier for contacting Mrs Joyce so we could be part of anamazing  experience. Here is the article posted on Radijojo’s website.Germany meets Australia
Videoconference between children from
Berlin and Traralgon

Radijojo intern Tamar from Michigan, USA moderated a Skype call from Berlin, Europe the eagerly awaited video conference with kids from the Liddiard Road Primary in Traralgon, Australia who also had visitors from China in Asia.

Michelle (12) opened the call at exactly 10 am in perfect English. Then, Rozerin (11) wanted to know what kinds of food are typical in Australia. The kids in Australia let us know that they love to eat barbeque with lamb and sausage, as well as meat pies.


Maurice (9) was curious about what the weather is currently like in Australia. We were informed by the kids on the other end that it was slightly cloud and about 10 degrees. We told them that presently the sun is beating down and that the temperatures are over 30 degrees. Of course it is currently winter in Australia, but when it is winter here in Germany it is summer there, where the temperature can reach up into the high 40s.

Jaymes, one of the Australian students with an aboriginal background, brought his didgeridoo to play for us. The kids from Berlin were so excited to hear this instrument! Jaymes then held up a boomerang for us to see. The boomerang was used for hunting and has the advantage that it always comes back to the hunter.

Nathalia (12) showed our friends in Australia a typical German decoration called a Christmas Pyramid. It turns out that some of the children in Australia had Christmas pyramids at home! One boy told us that his mom would put one out every Christmas… until his dog ate it!

Our friends then wanted to know a little bit about the history of the Berlin Wall. Nathalia said a little about how the wall was built in 1961 and divided Berlin and Germany between east and west. She explained that the wall divided many families and friends. In 1989 the wall came down and the families were able to be together again and everyone was happy. Our Australian friends clapped and were happy with us.


Our kids in Berlin were amazed by the nice, maroon uniforms worn by the students at Liddiard Road Primary School in Traralgon. The kids in Australia then admitted to us that they were a little jealous that we could wear what we wanted to school!

The Australian students along with their teacher, Ms. Bronwyn Joyce, showed us the Australian flag. They explained that on the top left side is the Union flag, on the bottom left we could see a seven pointed star, representing the states and territories of Australia and on the right side is the southern cross, which can also be seen in the sky at night.

The students from Traralgon told us about a couple native Australian animals that can’t be found in Europe, including koalas and kangaroos. In Australia there are also venomous snakes, one of which is the tiger snake. A bite from a tiger snake can be deadly.

At 11 am Berlin time, 7 pm Australian time we said goodbye to our friends in Australia. We interchanged many heartfelt „thank yous“, especially for the children and parents of the Liddiard Road School who were at school four hours after the end of the school day to speak with us!

Thank you to everyone, especially their wonderful teacher Ms. Bronwyn Joyce for helping us organize such a wonderful event. Hopefully we will see each other again soon!