Making Vokis with Shi Mei Primary Visiting Students

Welcome to the wonderful world of Voki to develop confidence when speaking in the Classroom. Today you will build a voki to share with the class about your trip in Australia so far.

Learning Intention: To begin using technology to build confidence when sharing in the the classroom

Success Criteria:

* To use written language to prepare information for a Voki.

* To use sentence staters to prompt thinking.

* To choose and prepare an avatar.

* To load information into the voki site.

* Listen and reflect on others voki’s.

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Hello! Shi Mei Primary School Students. Welcome to my classroom. My name is Mrs Joyce. I have been to your school. Today I would like to learn about you. Your name. The things you like. Your favourite thing in Australia so far. Your favourite Australian food. I hope you have liked our school and I hope I can visit Shi Mei Primary later this year. Have fun making your voki and remember Mrs Joyce is the BEST TEACHER IN THE WORLD.