Liddiard Rd Primary, Australia meets Radijojo World Children’s Radio Camp, Berlin

To connect our classroom with the world was unthought of 12 months ago. Tonight a small school of 36o students, situated in Country Victoria became truly global.

At 5.30pm EST a small number of students gathered in my classroom. We sat and watched as Radijojo came online. The buzz in the room was electric. Students sat and waited in anticipation. We watched the clock like we were riding every second.When would they connect?

The students attending had volunteered their time. School finished at 3pm but still the room was full of excited bodies eager to see the world. Then the sound of the alarm rang out and we were connected.

I sat in amazement as students asked questions from both countries. The students from Australia stated they were famous for ‘Home Among The Gum Trees’ that they sung for the iEARN Conference in Doha, Qatar. They went on to sing the chorus for their new friends.

To reciprocate, the German students sung a folk song that they had been practicing for the skype session. Both countries celebrated with cheering and applause for the performances.

Jaymes, one of our Aboriginal Students shared his culture with pride. He spoke about the didgeridoo, the boomerang and the meaning behind these symbols. He then played the didgeridoo, I felt so proud to witness such a amazing moment.

Global Education is changing classrooms. The combination of technology through blogging, wikis, Skype and Web 2.0 tools is enabling the students of Liddiard Rd to become globally aware, as well as take them into the world of 21st Century Learning.

Tonight, the students of Liddiard Rd Australia, connected with Radijojo World Children’s Radio Camp in Berlin, Germany. I feel blessed that I could help connect the students from my school with such an amazing organization. Thank you @skypeclassroom and thank you Radijojo.