Water and the Global World Group: Your Inquiry Day Introduction Task

Hello Everyone,

Mrs Joyce is in Melbourne today and Mrs Whitehead and Mr Dennison will be looking after you. There are many things for you to get completed on your checklist. Today it is compulsory that everyone completes their SQ3R Glogster. You have all the details from last week. Make sure you record you Inquiry Question and your article title as your heading for you SQ3R, also please record the web address from the article as your Bibliography.

Introduction task for the Day

Team Water and the Global World I have a video for you to watch. Please watch this as a group with Mrs Whitehead and have a brief discussion. I would like you to then email me a short letter you would write thanking these wonderful ladies. Describe the good things they do and why they should be recognised as hard working people in their communities. Tell me what you would like to do to help them.

Type your letter on a word document and then attach it to your epals message you will send me. Jaymes and Ashton know how to send these emails please ask them for help if you need it. I will check my epals emails at 11.30am in Melbourne and hope to see many wonderful letters.

Have a great day and look after Mrs Whitehead, Mr Dennison, Mrs Pearce and Mr Connelly.