Ms Joseline is so proud of her Teachers and Students.

Students of Liddiard Rd can you leave a message for Ms Joseline to tell her teachers and students how our parents and guardians connect with our school community.

Message to Ms Joseline from Mrs Joyce:

Ms Joseline we feel very proud to bring your school into our global network. Already your interaction with my students is greatly appreciated. We look forward to continued photos and messages from your teachers and students and I look forward to working with you to connect our students globally. With my amazing friends in Ghana (Mr Felix), France (Ms Annie Flore), Taiwan (Mr Tu), Pakistan (Ms Aniqa), USA (Ms Simoneaux) and Germany (Ms Stahr) I welcome you to new teaching ideas and just heart warming stories about education around the world. Already you have interacted with my students who are extremely Globally Aware and looking for ways to extend their thinking. 

Here are wonderful images of the teachers, Parents and Guardians at Future Generation Nursery and Primary School Kabale, Uganda.