Snapshot Writing – 5/6J You should be so Proud

Rennae’s Writing Piece

Here I stand in front of a massive fixated flower pot in Tiananmen Square. The flowers are so vibrant. This is the most memorizing place in the world. It is cold and misty like in a rainforest.  I can’t believe that the flowers in the pot are real. How do they keep the weed under control?  The wind is whistling through my poncho. There are massive puddles everywhere it is hard not to step in one. The perfumes of the flowers are running through my nostrils. The misty wind is on my face making me shiver. The flowers are so beautiful I want to take one home with me. The grey clouds make the flowers seem dull and uninteresting but I still find them amazing. There are so many people here I hope I don’t get lost. I wonder what amazing sight I am going to see next?

Writing Piece by Ashlee

Here I stand in the middle of the Forbidden City mesmerized by the history behind this humongous place. I feel like I’m a mouse in a circus tent trapped with no escape because of the size of the walls around me. Its freezing cold I feel like an ice block sitting in a freezer because of the cold and wet weather.  I feel like I need to put on 100 jumpers and jackets to keep warm, but is it enough to keep me warm?  I see the 10 meter high walls and I wonder how long it would take to climb!! I smell that dirty but fresh smell of rain dripping from the sky. I see heaps of people looking around at the history of this palace. I hear the whistling of the wind and the leaves on the trees rustling as they are swaying from side to side. 


Writing Piece by Ben

I am standing in the heart of Tiananmen Square with the beautiful scent of flowers running up my nose, the misty rain in my face like in a tropical rainforest. The wonderful breeze of wind is keeping me cold for my boiling painful headache. The kind townsfolk’s always keep me fixated to all the exotic things around the square. That huge pot of flowers is so big I can’t take my eyes of it. The Godzilla size museums are just as big as 3 ovals with eye-popping screens I really want at home! The doors made of pure gold make me feel like a rubbing a cats belly!