Water and the Global World

The first task for our group is to complete a mind map about Water and the Global World. Go to and prepare a mind map about all the elements of water in the world.

Here is the Inquiry Checklist for Term 2’s Inquiry Theme – Water.

Water Inquiry Checklist – Term 2 2013

When you have completed your role of Inquirer you need to complete the following criteria checklist to ensure you have met all the requirements. This sheet needs to be placed into your Inquiry Display Folder.

1. Our class group has completed individual mind maps based on your room topic.  
2. Based on your room topic prepare an inquiry question to investigate deeper into the topic of Water.  
3. Independently, each student is to complete a detailed seed based on his or her room topic.  
4. Students are to prepare a wordle or worditout full of everything you know about your room topic.  
5. Prepare a design brief that consists of a sketch and colour copy of a design that will be part of the presentation process. This design will include images, quotes or anything connected to representing your vision of water fitting into your room topic. Your sketch and design must be on A3 paper.  
6. Prepare an SQ3R and present in a glogster that shows the research you have completed on your inquiry question. Also, complete a genre of your choice based on the seed you completed for Question 3.  
7. Using recycled products only prepare a product that represents your inquiry question. You may build, create an experiment or make a video that uses products to present your final finished product.  
8. I have reflected on my learning and what I know about the water topic in my room and have prepared a digital presentation of your choice to show my understanding of the unit.