Kanga Meets New Friend In Taiwan

   坐馬車,我膽子越來越大,我站在馬車上(小朋友不要學喔) I was taking a carriage ride.

好大的草帽,遮陽遮雨非常好用。 What a big straw hat I was wearing.

我在學習牽馬,我有些害怕,所以我離得遠一點,以策安全 I was learning how to lead the horse.

   在心裡建設許久,我準備上馬It was time to ride the horse.

I went to the training school of  Houli Riding Club in Taichung.

后里馬場入場以花朵造型花迎著我們What a pretty mascot.

In the old time, Chinese people used the stone mill to grind the rice and make the rice cake.

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