We Have A New Global Friend To Add To Our Friends List: Dallas, Texas


Official Welcome to Dallas, Texas

5/6j we are in a position of exciting times. We have waited and longed for an American School and we have finally been connect through Ms Simoneaux.


Here is our new blog to interact with – thecinnamonrolls.blogspot.com

The students come to Ms Simoneaux’s classroom to learn World Education, this is like our Global Education that Mrs Joyce teaches you.

Your task now is to start interacting with our new friends. I look forward to finding out which 5/6J student can find out the joke about the blog being called cinnamon rolls. I’d love to know the story.

Here a picture of the World Education Room, there is another wonderful picture but I am having trouble downloading.










  One thought on “We Have A New Global Friend To Add To Our Friends List: Dallas, Texas

  1. Heidie :)
    February 19, 2013 at 4:41 am

    YAY! A NEW COUNRY! I am excited to socialise with them over internet! Including the blog. I have already spoke to Mrs Simoneaux. She is so nice! Do you talk to her often Mrs Joyce? Have you seen her before? I like their blog. It is awesome.

    • February 19, 2013 at 9:04 am

      Heidie I am so lucky that I get to collaborate with Ms Simoneaux often. Next year my dad is going to the Final Four College Basketball in Dallas, Texas. I am crossing my fingers that I will be able to go as well and go to Ms Simoneaux’s school. I haven’t told her that yet. Your dedication to the blog makes me proud. Does your sister engage in her grade blog like you do? Have you commented on Mr Tu’s new photo’s they look fabulous 🙂

      • Heidie
        February 21, 2013 at 8:45 am

        Mrs Joyce, I have not looked at Mr Tu’s new photos. I am guessing they ae fabulous! Youre dad Micheal is sure to be so lucky to be going to Dallas. Have you told him that you want to go with him to see Mrs Simoneaux yet? It would be so exciting for you if you did go with him. I would be if I had an oppertunity like that! Mrs Simoneaux is very nice. I hope you get to go with youre dad and if you do, TAKE PHOTOS FOR ME AND THE GRADE!!!

  2. Heidie :)
    February 19, 2013 at 5:11 am

    I cant post a comment on their blog…… It wont let me. Why? How did you get a comment on there? 😕

    • Mrs. Lynn Simoneaux
      February 19, 2013 at 6:52 pm

      Hi, This is the cinnamon rolls class! We will check with our Librarian to see why you are not able to post on our blog. We are new to blogging!
      We hope that the temperatures in AU decrease to a pleasant level quickly! It is the end of winter here and still a bit colder than we like it, but no snow.
      We have our travel buddy ready to mail … we just have to name him!
      Our students have a few questions:
      1. Do you play lacrosse?
      2. Are you big fans of Rugby? If so, do you like Union or League?
      3. What do you call the sport of soccer?
      4. Is there an ice skating rink in your area? Do you play hockey?
      5. Do you like American Football? Did you get to see the Super Bowl this year?
      Bye for now,
      Your friends,
      Kristina and Julia

      • cinnamonrols
        February 20, 2013 at 8:40 pm

        Here are some questions from our sixth grade class:
        1.What is the best food in Australia?
        2. What is the best Rugby team, in Australia?
        3. What is it like having Christmas in the summer?
        4. What is it like to live in Australia, do you see Kangaroos alot?
        5. How often do you get to see a real Kangaroo?
        6. Do you Y’all play American football? Do you play rugby alot?
        7. What is the best plase to see wildlife?
        8. What are the most common animals that y’all see?
        9. Do any of the kids in your class speak three launguages?
        10. Do you have any apple products?
        11. What kind of cars do you have
        12. What are the most interesting landmarks to see?

        From your Texas friends
        the cinnamin rolls

      • February 20, 2013 at 10:31 pm

        Mrs Simoneaux we are on to it. We’ll try and get some answers today for you 🙂 From Mrs Joyce

      • February 20, 2013 at 10:40 pm

        1: No, we dont play lacrosse. We dont even know what it is!
        2: I am not a big fan of rugby but my classmates are. Mostly the boys.
        3: Soccer is kicking a ball and using teamwork to kick the ball in the standing goal if that is what you mean.
        4: I dont play hocky but I am soon in winter sports at our school.
        From Heidie

      • Heidie
        February 21, 2013 at 8:46 am

        Thanks! I would love to post on youre blog!

      • Heidie
        February 21, 2013 at 9:14 am

        4: I do not know if we have an ice rink in our area I. But I am pretty sure that we dont. Maybe near Traralgon where we live but not Traralgon.
        5: What is a SuperBowl??? I havent watched American football yet. I want to though!

        Other questions:
        1: To me, the best food in Australia is a Barbeque! I dont like pavlova even though it is Australian.
        I like barbeques the best because they taste the best and represent Australia more.
        2: The best rugby team for me here in australia is the team Storm. Their team colours are purple, white and I think some dark blue, violet.
        3: Christmas in the summer is nice. You can go out on christmas and it will be warm weather. The weather is also calm and often hot. Me and my family usually have christmas outdoors. The breezes are nice and calm. But having christmas in summer is usually having christmas in autum, winter nor spring. They are all the same but generally to me summer is calm for having christmas outdoors.
        4: Here in Australia, we live in a town called Traralgon. We dont see Kangeroos alot. They dont rome the streets everywhere. The live in the bushy areas. The outback. If we go on a walk in a nature park we can see lots of wallabies and kangeroos. They are very interesting. Sometimes you can even see them on highways that are outback on the side of the road. Some just run accross the road. They are not aware of traffic and dont really know what cars are ment to be.
        They just cross the road.
        Living in Australia for me is lucky to my sisters, me and my mum. We all originally came from the Phillipines. You can look for it on a globe if you want. It is a small island. We moved here in Australia because my mum got married in the phillipines to my dad. It is a honor to be part of an australian. I love everything about Australia. Their culture too. I dont think there is an average Australian.
        5: We get too see Kangeroos not very often. As I said if you are driving in the outback, you can see lots of them roming around that bushland. Theres not too many though. The other thing I said before too is if you go to wild life parks you get too see them too roming around. The wild life parks are usually bush walking tracks.
        6: I dont play rugby but I think my classmates do. Is american footbal the same to our football? I havent played american football before. It sounds interesting.
        7:The best place to see wildlife to me is Tarabulga. It is a bush type are that has two walking tracks. It is up in the foresty mountains. The black saturday struck there. It was a bushfire. You can see the black on the trees. Anyway, Tarabulga has picnic areas and you can have barbeques there. The wildlife there id magnificent. There are wallabies, kangeroos, echinas, cockatoos, and more.
        I will finish there questions later!

  3. Heidie
    February 22, 2013 at 6:50 am

    8: The most common animal that I see are cockatoos. There is a place over the fence in my backyard. There are lots of cockatoos surrounding the feild. Once I saw a whole pack of them there. About 20 to 30 in there. Some cockatoos are pink, white or yellow. They are fascinating creatures. Have you seen them before? Everytime I walk to my school, Liddiard Road Primary School, I always see cockatoos in the open feild. I pass the feild when I walk to school. They always fly away when I try to get a better look at them though. 😕
    9: I can speak three languages. I can speak English, Phillipino and Manarin. Phillipino and Manderin languages I can speak a little of though. Kumasta-How are you? Ate-Sister Katatid-Brother Ina-Mother/Mum.
    That is all I know of Phillipino. I originally came from the Phillipines so my mum teaches me the language and how to pronounce it. We have words of Mandarin in our classroom so we can practice them. I read them alot. That is how I can speak Mandarin.
    10: We have apple pie, apple juice, apple crumble and more. I like all of them. so yes, we do have apple products here in Australia. Do you?
    11: We have Holden, Fararies, Utes, 4Wheel drives, buggies, and lots more. Have you seen these cars before? http://resources2.news.com.au/images/2012/08/21/1226454/888558-ford-ranger-ute.jpg
    If you go to that link you will see a picture of a ute.
    12: The most interesting landmarks to see are Uluru and Sydney Opera House. Did you know that 3 quaters of Uluru is underground? Pretty Impressive. Sydney opera house is in New South Wales(NSW). I have not been to these landmarks before but I extreamly want too.
    I hope you like the answers I have given you!

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