Our Week

Hello 5/6J,

Welcome to week 3. How time is passing quickly, we are almost half way through Term 1, 2013. This week remember to watch all the international blogs. Mr Tu told us that he had many pictures to share from his holiday. We welcome our new friends in Dallas, Texas. I know I am very excited to connecting with an American School especially the World Education Teacher and her students. Make sure you watch their blog as it grows in to masterpiece.

This week, Friday will be inquiry day. We have some interesting news about your final presentation that I think you will be very excited about. You’ll have to wait until Friday for details.

The specialist program has changed and we will now have Physical Education on Mondays, ICT Tuesdays, ART Wednesdays and Auslan and Library Wednesdays. I think this week I might video our grades Auslan lesson to show our global friends. I think they will be intrigued how we learn sign language.

This week we will be learning about Open Minded Portrait Reading Responses, using the RAFT in writing and starting to draft up a persuasive piece preparing for NAPLAN. In Maths, we will continue to concentrate on number – place value. We will revisit voicethread in Global Education looking and our Miniature world and our Pep Talk Friend to make the world awesome by completing a voicethread to make our miniature world which includes Ghana, Texas, Pakistan, Taiwan, Germany and China.

Here is my thought for the week: