Kanga Enjoyed time with Haiqa at the Food Street

Dear diary,
Haiqah Javaid, student of Class III- C (Beaconhouse School System , Primary 1, PECHS, Karachi) brought me at her house on Monday 28thJanuary 2013. She has a lovely house and she keeps it clean. She took me to the food street in the evening. We wanted to have some traditional food. She showed me how “Kata Kat’’ is made. A man was making this dish on a Big Tawa and the music produced while he was making Kata Kat was awesome. It seems like a musical instrument, a big tawa and two sharp edged iron spatulas, to mix and cut all vegetables and liver etc. It was fun to see it.
Then Haiqah showed me how “Tikka Botis” are made. Small pieces of chicken were Barbequed on the coal. The flavor due to it was delicious. Tikka boti were really spicy. Next to it were a big pan with a lot of oil in it and a man was making parattas in it. Wow!
Later, Haiqah took me to the “Paan shop” as well and we enjoyed the sweet paan. Paan was actually a betel leaf with betel nut and coconut and other sweet things in it. It was tasty. Then we went to the “Dry Fruit” shop. The shopkeeper had kept all the dry fruits very neatly on a small cart. It was fun being there. We had a short “Rickshaw” ride as well. Rickshaw is a public transport with three wheels used by people in Pakistan. We had loads of fun. It was nice being with Haiqah. She took good care of me.
Thank you!