Kanga Hot Air Ballooning in Taiwan

Having Kanga visiting so many fabulous places around the world allows 5/6J  to learn about world. Ghana amazed with the arrival of Kanga to L & A Memorial but then Mr Tu sends me an email preparing me for something sensational – Kanga Hot Air Ballooning. I think 5/6J you should research Hot Air Ballooning to match these pictures and share your new knowledge. The most mesmerizing thing about these images is there is more than one balloon, Ive never seen anything like this. Students in 5/6j get on Mr Tu’s grade blog and get commenting I am speechless once again.

Hey guys it’s me, Kanga. 
    This morning Philip woke me up at dawn. Well, it’s not easy for me. He had better give me a good reason. When I went to the square next to the hotel, I was not in a grumpy mood anymore. You probably know the reason from the photo. Although I got up very early, I still had to wait in a long line to get on the hot air balloon. 
     Finally, it’s my turn.

Keep A Distance, Will You? 保持距離以策安全

I was jumping up and down because I was so excited.  I jumped so high that I almost hit their balloons, which is the reason why the staff asked me to keep away from their launch site.

I am lucky to be here in Taiwan. THANK Mrs Bronwyn for assigning me to Taiwan.
Mr. Tu’s little son Evan was very nervous and started to suck his fingers. I patted him on the shoulder and told him to take it easy. To be Honest with you, I haven’t taken any hot air balloon  in Australia although we have famous Canberra Balloon Festival.
I kind of got cold feet at the last minute. However, It’s too late to jump out of the basket. When the pilot told me that he liked to fly to extremely high altitudes by hot air balloon, I started to tremble with fear. I couldn’t have stood up as usual if Mrs.Tu hadn’t held me tight.