Lucky’s arrival from Pakistan: 5/6J has Three Global Friends Visiting Now.


Welcome to 5/6J and Australia ‘Lucky’!

Today was the first day back at school for 5/6J, returning from their 6 weeks of Summer Holidays. Mrs Joyce has been waiting patiently for the arrival of a surprise from Pakistan. LUCKY arrived today along with some warm and welcoming messages from the students at Beaconhouse Primary -1 in Pakistan. Perfect timing, Lucky was able to meet all Mrs Joyce’s new students.

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  1. An arrival to beat all others, would you say mrs Joyce. The first day back at school and there’s a mysterious package just lieing there for your grade. I’m guessing you took it straight away and open it with your class. Then and all gasped in amazement at all the outstanding things that were in the box. I hope you enjoy your fantastic gifts. Bye

    1. Scott you know me so well. Tomorrow we open a parcel from Germany that was supposed to be for your class last year. I have had a sneak peek and there seems to be lots of chocolate, how happy will my new class be. Today we were definitely taken by surprise on the arrival of todays package but very excited to now have another visitor to the grade. I hope your new school year has started well at Traralgon Secondary College and you are working hard like you did last year. Cheers from Mrs Joyce

  2. After the parcel arrived we were all so exited to open it, everyone was that exited they pushed and shoved to get to see it get opened!. Thank you so much Pakistan school. 🙂 😉 😀

  3. Thank you so much for Lucky the bear we appreciate your kindness towards us 🙂 , when he arrived everyone pushed and shoved to get to him it was so squishy!, I got to open the parcel and when we opened it I thought it was so cute. Again Thank You for your gift!!!.

  4. When the package arrived we were all so exited to open it. We all loved what was in the package. When Lucky cam out of the box we all got even more exited because we got a new global friend.

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