Welcome to our New Friends in the USA and Tajikistan

Hello 5/6J,

Welcome to our second day of school for the year and another day of learning about the routines of our classroom. Today our timetable will include ‘How to set up a Reading Response’ in our Reading Workshop, ‘What is a seed?’ in our Writers Workshop. In Maths were are continuing to explore number, you will get the chance to manipulate arrays. Then our favourite time ‘Global Education’.

In Global Education we are finding out where Dallas, Texas in the USA and where we might find Tajikistan in the world. These will be our two new global friends that we will send a welcome pack to. Please take a minute to take a look at Mr Tu Hot Air Ballooning with Kanga in Taiwan (AMAZING) and I’d like to take you further into Beaconhouse Primary -1 Pakistan’s blog because there is images that we need to learn about within their country.

I think its time to make a Voki to share with our friends. I’ve got Friday fun learning on my mind. Lets do it!!!!!

Thought for today

‘Thank you to all the wonderful firefighters that most recently fought the horrific fires in our local area’