Kanga in Taiwan


祝福感恩會A Party for Worship and Gratitude







My dear friends,
The other day I attended a very different activity – it was a party for worship and gratitude organized by a charity group.
A great number of people of all ages came for the gathering and were seated in good order.
Each and every one at the party was sayings prayers with gratitude and wishing a better year and sweeter homes.
                                                                              福慧紅包Peace & Wisdom Red Envelop 
    Before long, the Masters began rewarding each attendant with a “Peace & Wisdom Red Envelop”. I knew little about it but I could feel a stream of mercy and calmness energy from the happy and peaceful eye light of the people around me. This worship and gratitude party was performed in the Buddhists’ fashion and brought a very different experience to me as a foreigner here.
                                                                                  有份感動在我心裡The Touching Feeling
Next, every attendant lit the Lotus Lantern in the hand watching the flame showing the flow of benevolence and wisdom. The dancing flames and shadows of the lanterns together created a scene so beautiful and touching. I was embraced with the warm and sweet atmosphere and felt a warm stream running in my mind. While we were just new acquaintances we share the same common wishes: No more disasters on the planet and better health and harmony to each and every one on the earth.
歲歲年年 平安喜樂
Even now, the touching feeling still moves me a lot, and I am more than happy to share this feeling with you. At the same time, I also wish you a peaceful and joyful life in the coming years.