Our Kanga in Taiwan

Kanga has been very busy over the christmas period in Taiwan with all his friends.

為了讓我這個外國人也能感受過節的氣氛,老師特別安排搓湯圓活動!我們先將糯米粉加入熱水攪拌,倒入冷水後,再用手搓揉,糯米粉就變成富彈性的麵塊,然後我們把麵塊搓成長條形後, 再切成小塊,揉成圓形, 便完成了湯圓。我們還加入紅色色素,做成紅色湯圓,好漂亮呦!

Dear students:
Today is the winter solstice, I eat lunch at school a soft, red and vain but also sweet and small ball, it’s called “rice balls. I heard that eating rice balls can pray for the family reunion, everything satisfactorily, also represents an increase of one-year-old at the winter solstice.
Foreigners can feel the festive atmosphere, teachers special arrangements for cooking soup. Activities! Our first glutinous rice flour, add hot water stirred, poured into cold water, then rub their hands, glutinous rice flour becomes flexible surface block , then the dough twist growth strip, then cut into small pieces, knead round, they finished rice balls. We also added a red pigment, made ​​of red rice balls, beautiful Yo!
Finally, we cooked glutinous rice balls with hot water, add sugar and red beans, bowls of piping hot rice balls can serve … really delicious. Wish
Safe and happy healthy




Do not know where the beginning of the year, every Christmas, principals and parents president will dress up as cartoon characters, and Fun, loving mothers of school will also help us to prepare a lot of candy. Although the vast majority of students are not Christian, Christianity does not believe that this day is Christmas, but in this era of the global village, let each other that day blessing.