5/6J Meet Kelvin – Truly Today Is About Inspirational People


Kelvin is a self taught teenager. Can you see the similarities to our friend Caine?

Watch and comment and I wonder if one of you have that creativity from within you would love to share with the world?

12 Replies to “5/6J Meet Kelvin – Truly Today Is About Inspirational People”

  1. I found this so inspireing and it made me think that we have every thing at our fingure tips with out working for it this young man is so smart it left me specless after watching this video it shows that you dont have to rich of perfect to make some things new with what he had at hand and found all to support his family and community.

  2. This is inspiring it makes me think we can make what ever we wont just have to have the brains and skills I was specless all I can say is how amazing you dont have to be rich do have this opportunetys to do these things you could make millones out of nothing.

  3. I found this inspiring too but sad as wall because he knows how much he misses his family and i would be to because he is like so fare way from them and he wants to help his family get money and help them get the things they need and i find that amazing. I find this Inspiring because he has a lot of amazing thing to build or to us as he is a DJ. I feel very happy this boy and I think he is going to do a very great job in life.

  4. Wow, I love how Kelvin has a great passion for Inventing things for his community. He is a great pearson, he is takes from bins to experiment on different things. It is truely inspiring.

  5. wow that amazing how beautiful is that place, I wich I live they in that
    country, I found this country very beautiful. I love the road it’s very beautiful.
    Miss joyec this is very very beautiful place.

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