Mrs Joyce’s Favourite 30 Day Challenge so far

Hello everyone! I would like to congratulate Arjumand Abidi for his wonderful global idea for his 30 day challenge. With 5/6J finishing there first 30 day challenge this week and them preparing to report on their challenge. I think some if them may change their next challenge into something global thanks to you Arjumand.

Here is Arjumand’s challenge details. I look forward to his next post and will share it with you all.

Arjumand you might want to check out our post on the Forbidden City. My students found out lots of information you might be interested in. I was lucky to visit the Forbidden City when I was in China a few weeks ago.

Arjumand Abidi said…

Hello guys I’m Arjumand Rabab From VI-C and I’ve changed my challenge which now is collecting more n more information about countries on Earth.

November 6, 2012 6:42 AM

 Arjumand Abidi said…

I have information about China to share with you today.
China is a country with the most people living in it, over a billion of people live in it.
 Pandas:
Pandas are a lot found in China they live in bamboo forests.
 Chinese opera:
Actors act out a story, cymbals and drums make the acts more lively and noisy.
 Hong Kong
Is a very crowded and d a busy place. People over here move, walk and talk very fast!

 Shaolin monk
Shaolin monks are very good at kung fu. Many of them start training at 6 years.
 Confucius
2,500 years ago, Confucius wrote about how to rule a country. People still study his books today.
 The great wall and terracotta soldiers
The Qin Emperor built The Great Wall Of China to keep his enemies out. He also had 7,000terracotta soldiers made to guard his tomb after he died.
 Chinese new year
At Chinese New Year people have lion and dragon dance. During that children get red packets with money in them for good luck.
 Forbidden city
An emperor lived in the Forbidden City. He was not allowed to gout and common people could not come in. The city wall is 10 meters high.