An Inspirational Story about a beautiful girl with Autism

5/6J you know I have a passion for understanding and doing everything possible to promote how amazing children with Autism are. You know I have two daughters with Aspergers (Autism). Be inspired as I was, about this story about a little girl that found, ‘Dreams can come true’.

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It’s what you CAN DO!

Inspiration  – Act on the Feeling?

1. What feelings do you have after experiencing this?

2. How were you made to feel this way?

3. What would you like to do with these feelings?


‘Firework’ Like You’ve Never Heard It of the Day: After Jodi DiPiazza was diagnosed with autism at age 2, her family tried for years to help her overcome her limitations.

Then they discovered that singing was the one thing that helped Jodi focus and build confidence.

Little did they know that Jodi would one day join Katy Perry onstage for a duet at Night of Too Many Stars, an autism benefit hosted by Jon Stewart that airs Sunday on Comedy Central.