7 Replies to “5/6J Use Khan Academy To Work With Division In Maths”

  1. I like Khan Academy is a great way to improve your maths skills. When I got home I went back onto the website and did division with and without remainders. I got 8/8 on both. I also tired some other division activities. When I was working out the answers, I was doing it the way we have been learning about in class with Mr Johnston. I now understand long division!.
    Thank you Mrs Joyce & Mr Johnston!! 😛

  2. I wonder how 5/6J is using this method to there advantage in maths and if this is making kids move away from video games to do this kind of maths?
    Thank you for reading this comment i know im from the class of 5/6V but this is an in portent task to learn about when doing maths.

    1. Zac you welcome to write on our blog anytime. I hope you can find Khan Academy a useful tool too help with your Maths Practice. I look forward to reading your next post. I totally agree if we can get kids doing get stuff on blogs and maths tools they don’t need to be stuck behind video games.

  3. I just love it with the challengers and it is just a great way and the the long division it was hard at first but so easy now but maybe I have to see if i can work with a nother sum.

  4. Our divition is falling to the dumpsters, we need to sky rocket and become like Heros (in divition). I found this challenging with the douldle numbers like 5340 divided by 45.

  5. I think this place is china because china its always flood every year.
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    Great video 5/6J

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