5/6J, Mittelschule Niesky, Room 13 and L & A Memorial: Please comment on Where’s Your Best Place to Learn?


Where’s your best place to learn?

See Think Wonder

1. What do you see?

2. What do you think is going on?

3. What does it make you wonder?

14 Replies to “5/6J, Mittelschule Niesky, Room 13 and L & A Memorial: Please comment on Where’s Your Best Place to Learn?”

  1. I see huge rooms where students can work. Bight, colourful furniture for students to use. A massive Projector screen in the Brainforest that plays a video for the students to watch when they come into school. Colourful words on window ledges like: Excel, Exceed, Learn and Hope. Glass windows that can be written on. A massive area with blue chairs and tables around the area. Selves with different books on them.

    I think the principal is trying to get the students to be engaged in their learning by making new working environments for them to work in.

    This makes me wonder what the year levels are working in this building, because it looks more like a high school area or building, but the principal said that year 5’s and up can come and work in the Greenhouse. I hope this makes sense.

    P.S. Mrs Joyce I have finished my box! Me good girl! 🙂

    1. I can see lot’s of colorful furniture that is school can use. I can see lost of use for words that we can use in the class room to I can see so meany thing in these amazing class room.

      I think this school buys all this stuff so they can lean all new stuff so there students can get smarter.

      This makes me wonder where this school is and why did they buy all this stuff?

  2. Wow! I am very impressed by the insightful comments from this clip. Kristen, you have been particularly observant and I also was very impressed by the glass windows that could be written on.

  3. We are impressed by this idea of a schoolbuilding. Big windows, glass walls,all this equipment- we would like to learn there. A phantastic environment! But we also see the costs and can’t imagine that so much money would be spent for our school. And we wonder, can it work, different classes learning together without disturbing each other?

  4. Its unfortunate that we have not been commenting due to the high level of activities in our school but I am glad to get time today and blog with you guys today.

    Really the best place to learn for me is school since we have a lot of teacher to guide us to learn and to understand what we are learning.

    Life in L & A Memorial Academy here in Ghana is really cool and we are enjoying all the activities in the school and I am really proud to be part of this exciting project on this blog.

  5. I think the best place for me to learn is in school and especially in the Library and the computer Lab where we have a lot of book to make research. I am proud to attend school at L & A Memorial Academy

  6. The best place to learn for me is the school because it is really fun to learn and also you will have teachers and friends there to share ideas with them and also when you have an online forum for students and teachers that place will be ok as well.

    1. Hello Acheampana, online forum are an excellent way to meet and talk with students and teachers from other places. I hope we will be able to Skype your class in Ghana so we can learn about your culture.

      1. Acheampomaa we can not wait to skype. We need to find a time which will connect our two countries. Welcome to the blog 🙂

    1. I agree the Library is a soothing place to study and you can have books and information to help you as well. Welcome to the blog Christabel loving to meet you.

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