We Love Inquiry Day

As you look and reflect in the photos attached to this post you will see the engagement and high level of cognitive challenge students are experiencing during our Monday Inquiry Day. 5/6J and our neighbor 5/6C join together with the help of their teachers Miss Cook and Mrs Joyce, Support Staff Mrs Pearce and Mr Filo and our lovely Literacy Support Teacher Mrs Mitchell to enrich the students with independent learning skills.

Our theme this term is ‘Sport and Healthy Bodies’ and students are participating in the following:

* Compiling a solid inquiry question.

* Mind Mapping their prior Knowledge.

* Mind Mapping research and new information needed for inquiry success.

* Preparing 3 design phases through problem solving and creativity.

* Building an interactive display

* Presenting their designs, models and research to a school wide audience.

Monday’s are definitely a favorite student day. You can see why – take a look.