Explanation about Googles Relationship with China

Last week the grade was captivated by the censorship issues surrounding China and the Internet. In our attempt to explore the SQ3R concept we became engulfed in the persuasive issues and we went off on a tangent instead of following Mrs Joyce’s planning for the week. At times, we are allowed to do this when 5/6J, you were so opinionated about this topic.

I have found a detailed interview which answers many of our questions that we were puzzled about. This week we will Scan the Media clip and think about what new information has been added to our schema. As the week flows on we will explicitly look at new questions we pose, view the media as a reader, review the key points and recite the main ideas to come to a concensus about where Google really sits at the moment with their relationship with China. I definitely learnt a lot about new concepts while watching the interview. Look out for the clear explanation about ‘What is China’s Great Internet Fire Wall’. We have an exciting week ahead as we make links to writing and prepare genres connected to such key issues in the world.