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Explanation about Googles Relationship with China

Last week the grade was captivated by the censorship issues surrounding China and the Internet. In our attempt to explore the SQ3R concept we became engulfed in the persuasive issues and we went off on a tangent instead of following Mrs Joyce’s planning for the week. At times, we are allowed to do this when 5/6J, you were so opinionated about this topic.

I have found a detailed interview which answers many of our questions that we were puzzled about. This week we will Scan the Media clip and think about what new information has been added to our schema. As the week flows on we will explicitly look at new questions we pose, view the media as a reader, review the key points and recite the main ideas to come to a concensus about where Google really sits at the moment with their relationship with China. I definitely learnt a lot about new concepts while watching the interview. Look out for the clear explanation about ‘What is China’s Great Internet Fire Wall’. We have an exciting week ahead as we make links to writing and prepare genres connected to such key issues in the world.

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  1. I think that the Chineese people have not yet broken free from the bonds that their government is holding them. Why have they not revolted? I would think that some people would be furious about the censorship. I am infering that the people of China are scared to revolt because then maybe their governmnet would censor even more things. Why has the Chineese government blocked sites. Why do they not want their country to know about certain things. Is it that they do not want to be seen as fools? Are they doing this for money reasons? I think they are doing because they want to earn or get lots and lots of money so that they can do extra things for their country. Whos idea was it to ban certain things in China. I think that they should be ashamed. what if some tourist needed to contact their familly because somthing might be wrong? They could not. Their way of getting to them is down. Does the government care!?!?!!! NO! They just care about themselves. If Google was new in China why did they ban it? Is their government trying to hide somthing from their people? I do not know. Also. Why did that Google guy say that they were trying to find out the key words in front of a camera that the government of China could see. Why would he not try to be seceret? Was he trying to brag and put down the Government of China so that then it will be easier for google to get into China. I think that the government might be changing their mind when they see this video. I sincerley hope it does make them change their mind. I think this because then we can all be connected. Why can not China go out with the old and in with the new.

  2. This article is about Google and China, Google went to China knowing about the censorship in China so they tried to go and win over the chinese people and go against the goverment for the censorship. That plan had failed miserably and the people from Google doing so had offended the goverment making their relationship even worse. The chinese had no problem with the blocking of Google because they already had their own chinese sites and they did basicly the same things. Will there ever be a revolution between Hong Kong’s and China’s goverment? I infer there will not be one because if Hong Kong did have a fight with China, China had such a big army that everyone was scared of them meaning no one would pick a fight with them for such a small thing. I infer the censorship will never leave because even if Facebook, Youtube and Google were banned the Chinese already had there own websites that did the same thing.

  3. A man who invented google has country that dosen’t accept google which is China and google guy is tring to covinse China to have google back. Hong Kong agrees to have google but for some reason China dosen’t accept google. China has a Censorship but google guy wants China to see that google isn’t bad at all because it’s got no hackers or anything ealse like that. The only thing that google has is anwsers and websites that could have wrong anwsers like wikipedia. I understand why China blocked off google but why didn’t Hong Kong do the same because they’re both in the same countries.

  4. The Chinese firewall is stopping google from entering China but there are surch words that can help, and the Google team is trying to work them out. With two sistoms and one controlling China protecting it from freedom the other one is thinking that China wont give up for a long time. I guess that they will get fine if a Chinese man was caught on google or just let off with a warning. Hong Kong is the main place for google because that where it lives and the reason is Hong Kong have its own goverment so there aloud to have google.

  5. In China the goverment had band google to keep china a secret so the world did not have to know what was happening and the laws .But the are also making the chinese people upset because they want to use google and others what are also band and why is it that they have to make the google to change all there servers and move to hong kong. The goverment should aloud it they should make a law so they could not talk about the goverment or laws so the people can use it they can both be happy and the chinese people can talk to there friends and family and look up photos.

  6. In my opinon I feel that their government is greedy because they are stoping their people from learning all this wonderfull knowledge. Are they doing this because they do not want their people smarter than them because then maybe the peolpe could strike back with force. Can any one in China hack the great firewall? Is it possible? In my opinon we should make a stand against the government. I wonder if it is a good thing if China does not have google? Is google making a mistake about trying to get google back in to China? Of course google will not stop because they want to make lots of money. I was just curious what would happen if one of us kids would write a letter of complaint? Would they do somthing about that? Will they listen to the worries and reasonign of children of? A considerate government would. china`s would not because it is just them and only them. What would happen if their governmnet was turned into like Pealament? Would that help them understand that what google is trying to do is a good thing? I do not think so because they want to be an independant country and they want to stick with their own ways. I think that they think this because if they look at some other governmnts that have run amuck in their country and they are afraid that this could happen to their own country. Would their country fall apart due to culltural disaster if they had not blocked google and all of the others or not. If I was a pert of their governmnet I would not want to take the chance because so many people depend on me. When the man said that google mucked up I think that that boosted up the Chinese governments moral because they know that their opponent makes mistakes so that they can defeat them. What would happen if China made a rule no outsiders alowed? That would stop google but it would also cut prices because lots of tourist like to visit China and then they would not make as much money as they are making at the moment.

    1. The video clip is about the freedom of google in China, I think that the censorship in China is blocked because maybe their goverment is hidding something secritive from people in China. The freedom between China and Hong Kong are different because the interveiw the man had on the video clip said that the system in Hong Kong is better than the system in China.

  7. This video is about the war between Google and China. It explains the fued between Google and China and how China is trying to control their country. Google got blocked because China has the technological know-how to block it off. Google moved out of China to Hong Kong so they could continue the war without leaveing the contenent.

  8. This video clip was about China and hong kong and there war and that they will never break free from facebook with the freedom china is on the out side wold. I wonder if facebook will get block in Australia,I wonder if they relise if there keep on trying to get it back the prime minister is going to keep on saying no

  9. Its about google being blocked and the man from google explainded about the firewall and the Censorship in China. I didnt understand why china has blocked google and Hong Kong hasent because Hong Kong is a part of china. The man from google had said it was google who had mucked up and encouraged China to block the website and put a firewall on. I thought how would the tourist feel not beable to acess to google. I wondered if China blocked google I wonder if Hong Kong has a slight chance of blocking it as well? If Hong Kong block google it could effect residents that think google is helpful to them. I wonder if China will relise that google is a good resource for them to use. I would think maybe in the next few years they will unblock google or is google blocked because it can be easy to hack into facebook or youtube?

  10. The internet Censorship laws in China are blocking googles access to function. There is the Great Chinese Wall and Google couldn’t budge it. So they moved their sevice to Hong Kong. By moving goolge will to work their ways around the fire wall server. So they came up with trying to bring attention to the China people to agree to convence the government to accept google.They had controlled them by moving to different websites.
    The only thing that Google is trying to do is give back chinas freedom back.

  11. I think that banning Google is not a great Idea because Google is a way to search things that you want to learn about and it is a way to search things that you can communicate with other people and family. It is also a way to search up famous people and singers. Why did China Ban google? The people have liked it because Google has been banned from china and they think they should be listening to the goverment about this and they are thinking the same as what the goverment is thinking. When did the people move from China to Hong Kong? They moved out of China to Hong Kong when China banned Google from China than the Google people moved to Hong Kong. The people talked about how much the people agree with the goverment and why they agree with it and they also talked about whta happened when they moved to Hong Kong.

  12. My thoughts about this video.
    My thoughts are Google is trying to give China freedom by letting them no what’s going on in the world. Google is trying to let China keep up with what’s going on in the outside world. But the Chines government obviously disagrees with what Google is trying to do for china. I think that China has too much technology anyway and doesn’t need any more. I think Google will slowly get the Chinese government’s approval.

  13. This video clip is about Google in China. It explains what the firewall is between China and Hong Kong. Also why Google got blocked by the Chinese Government. Google got moved out of China to Hong Kong that created a great Firewall. I think the firewall is stopping people from China getting into google.

  14. I was thinking about how China put up a censorship and the great firewall of China. I was thinking that maybe the reason that they put it up is because they do not want their people sitting at home just staring at a screen for hours on end. The people of China have created a number of useful things like paper and heaps of other important inventions. I think that their government wants them to be productive like they were back then when the Internet was not invented. So in this situation Google are the bad people because they are trying to get them to stare at a screen for ages on end and becoming lazy and unproductive. And why are they doing this? Because they want to earn money. Why can`t Google be more like Caine and get productive instead o relying on something else? I think that the government of China is not going to tell Google their reasons because they might not believe them because it will make China seem weak and it will expose them and then Google will just then pile on through and then the people of China will be lazy and bow down to western civilization and then they will stop being a respected country. So I really think that Google should stop. You know how they are saying how they are doing it for the people? Well I think that they are doing it just for money. People who do that are just sad. Plain sad. I think us Kids from L.R.P.S should teach them a thing about manners.

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