Homework Week 5: A 9-year-old boy who built an elaborate cardboard arcade inside his dad’s used auto parts store is about to have the best day of his life.


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Watch this video and respond to it in any way you like. What does it make you feel, think or want to do?

Think about when you’ve created something or you’ve hatched a plan to do something and though supported no one believes in you. How has that made you feel? This boy is very similar in age to all of you in 5/6J.

In your homework book I would like you to unpack the clip like a seed – Think, Feel, Wonder, Imagine and could you please record your opinions in the blog.

I was captivated by this clip and wonder how many of you could create such an innovative creation, that possibly could make you money. See Dreams so come true 🙂

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  1. I think that this kid has a lot of spirit and determination to make this. I think that this kid did this because he wanted other people to enjoy the fun of arcades at a cheap price. When other people look at him I think they think oh my gosh! How can this kid do this? I think that Caine is a very passionate person because he likes arcades and was passionate enough to build one. He is also passionate because he built it for the customers, for them to enjoy.
    I was wondering what would happen if more than one person needed to get tickets because they said that he crawls in the back of the box and give them tickets. Would they have to wait that long or not so long? I wonder if his dad`s used auto parts shop gets used much or has it been transformed into Caine`s arcade? I wonder how much he earns? 10$ 15$?
    I feel touched that this kid did so much. He did not give up and he even used his own stuff as prizes. You would really love what you do to want to do that. I feel like even I could do that with enough materials and the right amount of money. I feel like if a kid like him could do that. Imagine what we could do?
    Imagine what would happen if Me and some other people opened up an arcade here in Traralgon? Would we get as many customers or not because we do not have as big of a population as Caine`s city? Would us older kids, could we build something a bit more advanced?

  2. I was shocked when I saw this and I thought how did a nine year old kid do this. Really I want to get a fun pass but it to far away. All the support he got from his dad was incrediable. It broke my heart when they said he friends didn’t believe him. It made me laugh when he met all those people wanting him to let them play his arcade games and Mrs Joyce can you invite I’m down here to help we our/my fitness design. Please!!!

    1. Maybe we could look him up on the internet and you can do a seed on his story and prepare a letter to get some hints off him. Now you are a global citizen Scott you have endless opportunities to find answers. How amazing was his amusement centre? He is one very talented and creative boy.

  3. I am sick today that is why I am not at school today,but here is my comment.
    Caine’s Arcade looks really good I think it is great,and I want to go there,I want to get a FUN PASS!I think we should send him something to tell how good it looks,I wonder how he got inspired or why he wanted to build his arcade.The surprise was probbaly the best bit of the whole video,for a boy who is 9 years old he has done the best job I think a young boy could ever do.It was sad that his freinds dident believe him, but it was great seeing a boy and a girl helping him at the end.

  4. I think his friends in this clip was not very encouraging they should be encouraging him and they should be there to make him feel better to give him a smile on his face and also not to make him wait all day .

  5. Just seeing that makes me feel amazed how that boy had a dream and made it happen. well done for making your dream come true but tailing people about it did not go so well they thought it was a joke but it not he made summing happen that no one would think happen before. but seeing that much people come and play at his arcade can change this little boys life.

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  7. This kid is very creative as well as smart. My opinion on doing this is yes I want to build an arcade just like Caine did. My reason is because I love to create things out of cardboard boxes and it will keep me occupied for ages and ages.

  8. Caine is a extremely creative kid. He has a huge imagination and no one believed in his imagination. Caine probably had doubts about his arcade when his friends didn’t believe him.
    How I Felt : I felt inspired when I watched this video. It goes to show that if you want to achieve something you can do it! Caine is only 9 years old and still has the ability to become famous, and have a job in a way. I felt really upset when his friends didn’t believe that his had an arcade but he still had belief in his arcade. He still was running his arcade. I felt ecstatic when I saw that his first customer made his arcade global. He never saw it coming and seeing his smile on his face was just so great. That really lifted his belief for his arcade.
    My Thoughts : That Caine is a huge inspriration and should be proud of himself and his arcade.
    What I Want To Do: Make my own arcade!

    1. the kid is really creative and smart. I think he was borde so he made a card borde arcade. think for him to make it beter he could of added colour and deceration. I think that this kid had a lot of spirit and hope from his dad. If I lived in EastL.A I would defanetly go there and tell others.

  9. If I had a great idea and my uncles would not believe it, that will some how push me even harder because the satisfaction of proving them wrong is so amazing. Even if I do not accomplish what I was aiming for I always come close to what I was aiming for but the feeling of completing what you believed in so just so wonderful and I think that is how Caine would’ve felt.
    This video has inspired me to do what I like to do I really want one of those job where you get paid to play games such as Youtube and even if my uncles dont believe in me I still keep going.

  10. I think Caine is one of the most determined kid I have known. He uses the simpliest material to creat something so interesting and you can have so much fun with it. His innovative work captures my imagination. What a remarkable kid! Caine’s story proves we should be persistent when pursuing our dreams, never give up as they will come true.

    Jayden, good to see your comments. Just want to say, hope you realise that you are a kid who has great potentials.

  11. Wow! That is an impressive cardbourd acrcade that he made! But it is so sad that the kids at his school didnt believe him. But I reckon Caine proved hem wrong! He is so passionate with his arcade. That is the thing I love about Caine. He believed in his arcade so much. I know that he did because when the first costumur came he got so excited and over joyed. He knew that one person came and wanted to play at his arcade. Godd on you, Caine! 🙂

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