Sally Pearson Wins Gold For Australia. Riley A Would Like To Know How You Would Feel If You Won Gold?


How would you feel if you won a gold medal at the Olympics? Leave a comment about Sally Pearson’s Olympic Win.

Today Sally Pearson won a gold medal for Australia in the 100m hurdles. Anna Meares also won gold in the women’s cycling. It was definitely a golden day for Australia. Riley A was impressed by the win and ask for a discussion with other students about how they would feel.

Good Job Riley and thank you for the suggestion.

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  1. Thank you Mrs Joyce for putting this on the blog
    It would feel to me that it was just like nother race just like she said with eddie I would like to see my name or her name on the board and it has first next to her name and that would make me feel so proud because if I train and I conplished that I would try and try again or maybe I would help the younger kids coming up like the fighter how he was helping the younger kids and maybe wanted to be like and her so
    Thank you Mrs Joyce.

  2. I played in the Championships at Table tennis last night, and even though I was the runner up, I was still pretty proud of my effoerts. I imagine that after all the hard work training and watching your diet, it would be fantastic to win any Olympic medal. a gold one would make you especially proud. sally Pearson looked like she was bursting with joy at the end of her race.

  3. The joy of making it this far, being the best of the world. I would cry in joy and exitment and to beat the Olyimpic record world be a dream nothing wold beat that. I would pinck my self to see if Im dreaming, and my face would disappear under the GIANT SMILE ‘-‘ glowing on my face. Feeling pessimistic all my life, then a EXPLOSION of optimism, to change my life for ever.

  4. I think that she care for others and herself. She knows that it is right to care for others as well as herself because she likes to care because she is not a sore loser or a sore winner.

  5. I would feel sorrow because the other opponents didn’t get a medal or the one they should deserve. Apart from that I would feel shocked exited.

  6. Wining gold for me would be amazing but sorry for the others that did not win one but that the Olympics for you there is all ways one winner.

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