Friends Forever – 5/6J and Room 13 Stanmore School, NZ Skype And Say ‘Hello”

The buzz in the room was electric as I announced today was the day we would come face to face with our budders in NZ. There was cheering and students were jumping up and down in their seats. Noon was the time we would Skype and I can tell you they watched the clock like hawks.

When the time came to Skype poor old Mrs Joyce had trouble connecting her laptop, tension rose. Then like man walking on the moon, connection came. Both grades cheered with excitement and I got my first look at Miss Bennett and Room 13 Stamore School. The grade while shy fronted up to flash their face on the screen and answer and ask questions. Riley A the class clown was very happy to steal the screen, it was great to see him so confident. Anneliese was also comfortable talking.

Next week well will connect again with a small focus groups from both schools. These groups will work together to share cultural information about the NZ Mauri and the Australian Aboriginal.

Thank You Miss Bennett for making today a day many 5/6J students will remember for a long time. We look forward to further contact and many more milestones 🙂

Here is Anneliese asking Miss Bennett and Room 13 some questions on Skype.