Kapai Survives Camp Coonawarra

I think one of the most fun things about camp was taking Kapai. Room 13, 56J feels like we have not spoken to your for ages. Camp was very exhausting. We were up in the mountains and participated in many tasks that required confidence and skill. Kapai attempted everything. He rode the flying fox across the lake, he bungy jump on the giant swing, he help build rafts and huts and slept was many different students over the week. I think the most exciting thing was not just 5/6J fell in love with Kapai but all of the 92 students in camp from Liddiard Rd Schools Senior Unit. He was pampered, fought over and was never left alone. Thank again room 13 for sending him to us he because our school students through Kapai continue to speak about NZ and the links he has allowed us to make. Now, have  a look at all the photos of Kapai at Coonawarra camp.