Update On Kapai the Kiwi

Hello Room 13,

Kapai had a welcome rest today in the classroom because the last 24 hours has been very hectic for him. He spent the night at Riley A’s house and boy was he busy. He went to AFL footy training, listened to some tunes with Riley’s earphones, ate tea with the family and snuggled up into a comfy warm bed.

Today he didn’t feel like doing anything. He hung around with Zoey and was spoilt by sitting on her table and being chatted to all day. Tonight Corey has taken Kapai home and goodness knows what he will get up to at the Cook household. I’ve decided that Kapai will send the first weekend with my family and I. He will go with me to coach my daughter Chloes’s netball game, go shopping with eldest daughter Taylah, go our for dinner for my Dad’s birthday at a posh restaurant tomorrow night and on Sunday we will take him to see two local teams play football. I’ll take lots of photo’s so if you have a computer at home get on the blog and check up on what Kapai is up to.

We were so busy today I didn’t get to place any photos on, I am so sorry. Have a great day at school tomorrow. Give Kanga and Koala a huge hug and tell them 5/6J misses them lots. Oh! and I’m really glad everyone loved the mini Koala’s I found them in a shop and thought I would surprise you all. Looking forward to Skying you all next week.

From Mrs Joyce