Room 13 Stanmore Bay the students of 5/6J spent a session of their learning today compiling Inquiry questions that they would like to investigate about New Zealand. We are wondering if you could help answer some of these questions or give us some feedback.

Here are our Questions:

* Is there a reason why you learn the Maori language and culture in your schools?

* How is New Zealand protected? e.g. What is your defense force and your Government about?

* Why don’t you have snakes in New Zealand?

* What is the story behind the National Anthem of New Zealand?

* What are the Sports New Zealand represents Internationally?

* What does the New Zealand curriculum consist of?

* Is your economy effective (strong)? Why or Why not?

* What is the most common fruit grown in New Zealand? Why?

* Why do New Zealanders do the Huka? What does it represent?

* What is the most popular tourist attraction In New Zealand? Why?

* How many Kiwi’s are currently left in the wild?

* What does the Maori culture represent?

Any help you could give us would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to prepare some questions for us that we can comment on your blog