As we cross our fingers and wait to see if L & A Memorial Academy Ghana will be sharing their cultural learning with us at 5/6J. The grade while sending questions to New Zealand prepared some for Ghana hoping the students would comment on our blog.

Our Questions are:

* How long has English been a focus in Ghana?

* How did the Government come up with the National Anthem?

* How safe is it to live in Ghana?

* Is there a story behind the National Anthem of Ghana?

* What is Ghana’s curriculum made up of?

* How many different types of Schools are in Ghana and what types of subjects are taught?

* Are the schools in Ghana similar to ours?

* What is the significance of the Ghana flag?

* What does the colors of the Ghana flag represent?

* How widespread is English spoke in Ghana?

Any help you could give us on answering any of these questions would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to reading some comments from Ghana.