Hello to L & A Memorial Academy, Ghana.


Students of 5/6J over the holidays I have been lucky enough to have connected our grade to a fabulous school in NZ. We will be able to share our learning ideas and understand education and life in a country quite similar to ours. Also, I have been sharing Emails with another fabulous school L & A Memorial Academy in Ghana, Africa. With many new African families to our Liddiard Rd community it is exciting to be able to connect with a school from an African country. Both of our new friends have so much to offer us along with our connection to China through my travels. You know me, next I’ll be looking to travel to NZ and Africa but if it means our classroom is better for the experiences it is all worth while.

The other day I posted the website for Stanmore Bay Primay School in NZ. Today I am posting some amazing footage of the students at L & A Memorial Academy singing their National Anthem and reciting their school pledge (in English). Look out 5/6J I think we need to be videoed singing our National Anthem and reciting our pledge.

Here is your first look at L & A Memorial Academy, Ghana.

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  1. I am really glad to connect my students to other students and teachers in the world for us to learn and share ideas together. I am really proud to be part of this exciting project and I hope to share my information about my school, country and its communities to my colleague teachers and students across the globe to know life is living in Ghana.

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